zároveň si zahraju např. Battlefield 4 na rozumné úrovni
V tom případě bych uvažoval jedině o AMD kartě. Ze dvou důvodů - jednak výkon:

Už v BF3 je to jasné:


A s Mantle to bude úplně jiná liga:
“However, there isn’t any doubt in my mind that Mantle will solve the poor implementation of multi-threaded rendering in the PC space, more so for AMD since they don’t even support Driver Command Lists in DirectX! That alone will get them to 70-80% of next-gen console performance in terms of submitting draw calls to the hardware. When DICE reveal their Mantle version in mid November, you’ll see scalability that’s unheard of in the PC space e.g. some 6 or 8 core demo with submission performance many times that of DX, with lots of pretty charts.