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P@pi (1519)|22.12.2006 12:33
WarCat 6.12

Svým způsobem revoluční drivery: nový způsob vyhlazování (WarCat AA) => údajně dovoluje AA s kvalitou 4xAA a s výkonem 2xAA. Zaměření na výkon v určitých hrách a hrách s velkým využití shaderů.


-----------Release notes----------

Based on the release of Catalyst 6.12, The Wild Side of TRU made XG WarCat 6.12.

Changes in XG WarCat 6.12:

-Color changes for a more vivid look;
-Enabled by default Alpha to Coverage with Alpha to Sharpening;
-The same old performance improvements over the Catalyst Driver;
-Improvements when having Anisotropic Filtering Enabled;
-Added support for some mobility cards;
-Improved caching speed and size;
-Updated the OpenGL tweak root;
-Higher stability;

XG WarCat Rendering Technique
-WarCat Anti-Aliasing is now available. It consists in higher performance and IQ over the Catalyst Driver;
!NOTE: This technique is still under work, it is functional but not 100% ! -Smooth render when having mass particles on the screen;
-Improved performance in games that make good use of shaders;

XG WarCat powered Games
Issues resolved :
-Fixed issues regarding transparency in certain games;
-Fixed some lag encounters;
-Texture disappearing in certain games;

NOTE: The games that have an " * " besides them, were updated !
NOTE: The games that are marked with " (under work) " ,are supported but they will be updated in a future release;

XG WarCat powered games:

-Everquest 2 (still under work);
-Call of Duty;
-Hitman Blood Money (still under work);
-RF Online;
-The Suffering;
-Warhammer Mark of Chaos;
-Lineage II (still under work);
-X3 Reunion (still under work);
-City of Heroes/Villains (still under work);
-Guild Wars and expansions (still under work);
-Oblivion and expansion (still under work);
-Fable The lost Chapters;
-Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay;
-Half-Life 2 and games that run on source engine (Dark Messiah, CS) " *"; -Battlefield 2/2142 " * ";
-Quake 4;
-World of Warcraft;
-Need for Speed Carbon;
-Neverwinter Nights 2 " * ";
-Marvel Ultimate Alliance;
-Need for Speed Most Wanted;
-Doom 3 and expansion;
-Warcraft III;
-F.E.A.R/Extraction Point;
-Prince of Persia (the trilogy);

!NOTE: There are no features regarding the profiles or options to change, since it's done by the driver itself. The driver
was designed and optimised to give a boost when running those games. If you have suggestions for more games, let us now.
tgfh (2985)|22.12.2006 14:42
Právě stahuju...pisnu rozdíly ve výkonu mezi:
WarCat 6.12 x ATi Catalyst 6.11