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Miranda IM - Informacni thread

Matajon (125)|3.8.2006 17:43
Oficialni web

Databaze pluginu
Vyvojovy blog

Ceske stranky Mirandy (+forum)

Changelog Mirandy 0.5 :
- Unicode support was introduced
- Database can store the Unicode strings (in utf8 format), and save and return these strings as ANSI, UCS2 and UTF8 strings
- Most core protocols can send, receive & process the information in Unicode
- The contact lists can display nicks, names and statuses in Unicode (under NT)
- Message editors can display any user information in Unicode, display and enter the Unicode messages;
- User details can process names, addresses, etc in Unicode
- Language packs can provide the valid translation for the Miranda's interface, even when the default codepage doesn't match the langpack codepage
- Two Miranda distributions are available since 0.5: the ANSI (for Win95/98/ME) and the Unicode one (for NT4/Win2k/XP/Win2003)
- The standard was designed for all contact list plugins, to simplify the support for sorting, storing, grouping contacts
- png2dib plugin was inserted into the distribution to provide the core-level support for PNG files
- Support for sending files with the Unicode names (not mappable into the current codepage)
- AIM: AIM protocol now using Oscar
- ICQ: Messaging support enhanced (P2P messaging supported)
- ICQ: Direct Connection support rewritten (with P2P messaging and reverse file-transfers)
- ICQ: Temporary Visible List support
- ICQ: New Features page in options to configure extra features
- ICQ: Custom statuses just like icq5 - needs clist_mw derivative (thx Big Muscle)
- ICQ: New custom status icons (thx Angeli-ka)
- ICQ: Enhanced Unicode & Ansi charsets support (each contact can have its own codepage)
- ICQ: AIM cross-compatability (add/remove, search by mail, status, messaging, away messages)
- ICQ: Secure MD5 login authentification
- ICQ: Revoke authorization (Advanced Feature - see further) - removes you from contact's server-list
- SRMM: RTL support for messages in Hebrew and some other languages.
- Jabber: Avatars support (JEP-0008)
- Jabber: Massive groupchat improvements, including private messages & invitations
- MSN: Client version detection
- MSN: Support for nudges
- MSN: Support for some MSN Messenger 7.5 and Live Messenger 8.0 specifics
- Yahoo: Ability to set your own avatar
- Yahoo: Added new icons
- Yahoo: Added address book and calendar links in the main menu
- Yahoo: Added alerts support and link to the main menu
- Yahoo: Added nick to Yahoo login information
- Yahoo: Yahoo now uses new png2dib.dll services for avatar manipulation
- Yahoo: Added Yahoo Japan support
- Yahoo: Added buzz/nudge support
- Yahoo: Offline IMs from blocked people get dropped
- Yahoo: Added basic audible support
- Yahoo: Yahoo File Transfer improvements

- Clist classic: Right click on a tray icon results to the resource leak
- ICQ: Our own contact in list now correctly handles events
- ICQ: Proxy Gateway mode is working again
- ICQ: File receiving from Trillian clients work again
- ICQ: Message errors are now really displayed
- ICQ: Fixed memory leak in avatar code
- ICQ: File transfers with GnomeICU works now
- ICQ: Fixed changing password in ICQ Details will not save it to DB if not there
- ICQ: Fixed PING channel handling (caused connection drop)
- ICQ: Fixed bug in changeinfo with translated listbox values
- ICQ: Fixed error handling in avatar code for uploading avatar
- ICQ: Fixed bug in Manage-Server list dialog, caused hang
- ICQ: Fixed occasional losing of messages (message parsing was incomplete)
- ICQ: Server-list management now stores all info - solves problems
- ICQ: Fixed unknown errors during login were not reported sometimes
- Jabber: resource names not UTF8 decoded
- Jabber: people are trying to connect to with empty usernames
- MSN: Fix for the error 540 upon login, because of the invalid password hash calculation
- MSN: Fixed the problem of locking the message sending queue by timeouts
- MSN: Fixed disconnection issues for the HTTP gateway mode
- MSN: Fixed some issues with the wrong Hotmail Inbox and Profile Editing URLs
- MSN: Fix for error 911 inside switchboard threads
- Yahoo: Fixed deletion of a buddy from your contact list
- Yahoo: Made fixes to make more strings translatable
- Yahoo: Fixed a bug that could crash srmm
- Yahoo: Properly close the connections[/CODE]
Matajon (125)|15.8.2006 17:30
Miranda 0.6 #1 - The saga continues

Miranda 0.6 #1 obsahuje uPNP patch od bokra, ktery umoznuje obdrzet z routeru/(A)DSL modemu cisla portu na naslouchani, bez nutnosti je nastavovat manualne. Take jsou opraveny chyby ve vetsine protokolu a pluginu.

viz -

Plny changelog
cool.user (2822)|17.8.2006 11:17
Miranda IM v0.6 #2

Because of some build problems, bld.1 was remade: - the correct version of loadavatars.dll is included; - AimOscar.dll removed forever (new name is aim.dll); - ’strange chars’ are removed from the SRMM. The ‘first empty string’ problem will be solved in the nearest future

viz -

Plny Changelog
a8nr (176)|25.8.2006 18:04
Miranda IM v0.6 Build #3
August 20, 2006

New build includes:
- netlib layer was revised to maintain the compatibility code. NLHPIF_HTTP11 flag was added to explicitly use the HTTP 1.1 protocol in the gateway mode. Also the broken ICQ gateway code was fixed.
- massive fix for MSN file transfers by borkra. It should fix almost all problems with file transfers between two Mirandas, Miranda & Windows Messenger 4.x/5.x, Miranda & Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger 6.x/7.x;
- a lot of fixes for ICQ, YAHOO & AIM protocols;
- a lof of minor fixes for almost all plugins.

Plny changelog