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kvalita lcd displejů od různých výrobců

primax (82)|17.1.2015 17:49
Ahoj zajímalo by mě jak je to s kvalitou lcd displejů u různých výrobců

nejvíce mě zajímá jak to je u výrobce Fujitsu
ICE_D (2754)|17.1.2015 22:29
Spatne polozena otazka. Ptej se na konkretni model, nikoliv na znacku. Nikdy nema znacka stejnou kvalitu u kazdyho monitoru. Pokud tam osadis TN panel, tak to ani Samsung nebo LG nezachrani. IPS panel od noname vyrobce bude vypadat lip nez TNko znackoveho vyrobce ;)
primax (82)|18.1.2015 07:47
Zajímalo by mě konkrétně jak je to s kvalitou LCD "Fujitsu LifeBook A544". Od kterého výrobce je vyroben.
Gouranga (699)|18.1.2015 11:51
Nic moc.

[QUOTE]The HD display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels also fails to impress. The marginal viewing angle stability in conjunction with the low opening angle lead to color changes even with the notebook placed on a desk. With the notebook below the normal visual axis, for example sitting on the user's lap, the situation gets much worse. In the horizontal plane, things are not as dire, but brightness decreases rapidly nonetheless.

Speaking of the brightness: the average of about 200 nits is also far from stellar. The high black value of over one candela and the corresponding low contrast ratio of 199:1 also make for a rather dismal overall visual experience.

Color accuracy of the panel Fujitsu uses for its Lifebook is par for the course: DeltaE(2000) deviations of 6.77 for ColorChecker and 6.82 for Grayscale compared to the ideal values of the sRGB color space are already visible with the naked eye. Although very high color accuracy is normally only important to graphic artists, even regular users will have to contend with the visible bluish cast of the display panel.

The matte display panel prevents unwanted reflections when outdoors, but the low brightness - which at least doesn't drop when the notebook is running on battery power - diminishes usability in bright environments substantially.[/QUOTE]